Sunday, March 29, 2009

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Here Goes:

Sean O'Hair

As I watched the post round coverage of the 2009 Arnold Palmer Invitational, I started to hear the word "choked" in reference to Sean O'Hair's performance in the final round. The usual golf pundits were suggesting that Sean choked and that Tiger Woods didn't really Win the tournament. I couldn't disagree more. Sean O'Hair had a great tournament and showed that he is one of the top players on tour. A two time winner on the PGA Tour and the 28th ranked player in the world is pretty good in my opinion. The simple fact is that there might be a " Tiger Factor" on Sundays coming down the stretch and maybe Sean pressed a little yesterday when he saw that Tiger was making a run. But he is no different for all the other players that have flinched when they saw Tiger in the rear view mirror.

As for yesterday, both Tiger and Sean made key mistakes. Sean's 2nd shot in the water at the 16th hole and Tigers tee shot that plugged in the bunker on the 17th hole proved that they were in duel all the way down the to the end. Tiger did not run away with this tournament by any means and Sean O'Hair played very well. The bottom line is Tiger made the putts he had to make. Great tournament Sean, you came up short but keep up the good play and it will pay off.

Michelle Wie:

What else can happen to this poor girl. The William Morris Agency dropped her as a client after her overbearing and misguided " Team Wie" tried to work a side deal without WMA's knowledge. It's bad enough she is trying to learn how to win on the golf course and she still has to deal with all these off course issues. Michelle Wie is a very talented golfer. She has all the shots and all the skills needed to be a winner on the LPGA Tour. She just needs to play and have the off the course circus take a hike.

Golfers and White Pants:

Can anyone tell me where I can find some white golf pants ? I have noticed the increase in professional golfers wearing white pants. I know its the trend but it scares me as well. I mean what if you are your local club and big ole bubba strolls out to the first tee with his tighty whiteys on ! I mean wow could you imagine having to follow that group all day !

I like to be as fashionable as everyone else but lets keep it real golfers haven't always been trendsetters when it comes to fashion. Even Tiger Woods who looks like he stepped off a page of GQ magazine everytime he plays, came on tour wearing clothes that looked like they belonged to his older brother.

His shirts were 2 sizes too big and color schemes were a bit bland. But look at him now. He looks like a Greek God in his finely taliored Tiger apparrel. His shirts are still that same size, but his biceps have grown 3 sizes so the shirts fit.

Please think about your playing partners and the general public before you don your super tight, ultra white golf slacks. Lets keep it a family game !

"keep it in the short grass"

Edward S. Wanambwa
Golfwiz Blog
images courtesy of Getty Images, Robert Beck/SI and Adidas

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