Sunday, March 28, 2010

RE: Tiger Woods Speaks to the Golf Channel

Tiger Woods conducted a one on one interview with the Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman. The interview was billed as a no holds barred interview in which Tiger would face the hard questions he has so far avoided by holding a press conference that did not include taking questions from the media.

As I watched the Golf Channel interview I couldn’t help but think that this interview was a bit scripted. I am sure that Tiger knew what questions he would face and that he already had a very well written answer prepared for each one. He again appeared very well prepared and at times he didn’t really answer the question he was asked.

He took full responsibility for the incidents that occurred and that no one in his inner circle knew about his escapades. That’s simply hard for me to believe. Someone other than Tiger had to know about these alleged affairs. It’s almost impossible to think that Tiger kept his behavior hidden to everyone including his caddy Steve Williams who probably spent more time with him than his wife.

Whether Tiger Woods did have all the affairs he is accused of having or not, he didn’t do anything more than other powerful men have done. In his first press conference Tiger said that he took advantage of the temptations that his fame and money afforded him. I couldn’t agree more with that statement. Let’s face it we had a presidential candidate that had a love child and that made a sex tape with his mistress. I haven’t seen nearly the outrage over his actions that I have seen about Tiger Woods and his transgressions.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

RE:Tiger Woods Announces Return at the 20110 MASTERS Tournament

Tiger Woods announced his return to professional golf at the 2010 MASTERS Tournament. Woods has been in the news and embroiled in a highly televised scandal following an early morning car accident in Nov of 2009. Details of Tiger woods personal life have the subject of an onslaught of media coverage regarding alleged infidelity and numerous mistresses.

Tiger Woods now makes a major step toward regaining some sense of normalcy in his life by return to the game that brought him so much fame and success. His decision to return at Augusta indicates that Tiger wants to avoid the media crush that he will encounter when he comes back. It is a well known fact that Augusta National Golf Club and Masters have complete control of their tournament including the media. I doubt that Tiger will face any real probing questions when he enters the media center to Augusta National.

However, the day will come when he won’t have the protection of the Masters and he will face tough questions from media that want to know details of what happened that November morning when he wrecked his SUV. This story is far from over and I think that Tiger is simply delaying the inevitable as it related to the media and what they want to know.