Sunday, March 28, 2010

RE: Tiger Woods Speaks to the Golf Channel

Tiger Woods conducted a one on one interview with the Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman. The interview was billed as a no holds barred interview in which Tiger would face the hard questions he has so far avoided by holding a press conference that did not include taking questions from the media.

As I watched the Golf Channel interview I couldn’t help but think that this interview was a bit scripted. I am sure that Tiger knew what questions he would face and that he already had a very well written answer prepared for each one. He again appeared very well prepared and at times he didn’t really answer the question he was asked.

He took full responsibility for the incidents that occurred and that no one in his inner circle knew about his escapades. That’s simply hard for me to believe. Someone other than Tiger had to know about these alleged affairs. It’s almost impossible to think that Tiger kept his behavior hidden to everyone including his caddy Steve Williams who probably spent more time with him than his wife.

Whether Tiger Woods did have all the affairs he is accused of having or not, he didn’t do anything more than other powerful men have done. In his first press conference Tiger said that he took advantage of the temptations that his fame and money afforded him. I couldn’t agree more with that statement. Let’s face it we had a presidential candidate that had a love child and that made a sex tape with his mistress. I haven’t seen nearly the outrage over his actions that I have seen about Tiger Woods and his transgressions.

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  1. I must agree with you, it seemed that all of his answers were very paced and exact. Nothing about his answers seemed real or from the heart. At the same time though, isn't about time that this be dropped and let the man get back to playing!