Monday, December 28, 2009

RE: Tiger Woods Story Update

I read this post on the Furman Bisher Unleashed Blog. It seems to be a plausible explanation of what happened between Tiger Woods and His Wife Elin. It also seems to put Tigers actions after the accident into it's proper context. But more importantly, Furman Bisher's reputation and credibility are beyond reproach and I would tend to believe that this information comes from a credible source. I urge you to read it for yourself and draw your own conclusion:

The following is a legitimate message I received from a trustworthy journalist I have known for years. It’s the Tiger-Elin incident finally put into reliable form, and I send along for no purpose other than to present the picture in its clearest form. —Furman Bisher

Forwarded story:

I have a Member who lives 10 houses down from Tiger in Isleworth. As we know Tiger’s agent is Mark Steinberg. My Member plays golf and is real good friends with another IMG Agent; who is very good friends with Steinberg and they share the same office. This information came from the other IMG Agent to my Member, and then to me today, and according to them is up to date as yesterday when my Member left Orlando.

On Thanksgiving Day, after he and Elin and the family had turkey dinner, he spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch watching football and texting Rachel. After each received and sent text message he would clear his message box to rid himself of the evidence. Sometime in between there, one of his Orlando buds called him to see if he wanted to get together at the Clubhouse to play poker with the guys, to which Tiger said yes. Tiger left the house around 7:30 to go play poker, and left behind his cell phone….and one message he had forgot to delete from Rachel.

When Tiger returned home around 11:30 -12 that night, Elin confronted him about the text message in the phone, and the started a heated discussion to its regards. According to what I was told, there was more “incriminating evidence” than just the text message (i.e. photos). Tiger tried to play it off to Elin by telling her she was reading too much in to it, and did not know the story, etc. Tiger went upstairs to change into his gym shorts and t – shirt, came back down, and Elin confronted him again; to which Tiger gave the same story. Tiger sat down in a chair in the living room, and Elin sat across from him urging Tiger to just come clean. Tiger stayed to his guns and denied everything. At one point Tiger turned away to look at the TV, and as he turned back, Elin hit him on the right side of the face with the head of a 9 – iron. When she struck Tiger, she put a huge gash in the right side of his face next to his nose (causing his nose to bruise some), and virtually knocking two of his upper teeth out, and breaking the bone on the upper right side. Tiger ran scared as hell out of the house (which is why he had on no shoes) with Elin swinging the golf club throughout the hallway to the garage (i.e. causing the severe damage which has been reported). Tiger hoped in the Escalade and tried to leave; and as we know Elin knocked out the windows in the Escalade. When Tiger crashed, Elin panicked and was not sure what to tell the police (which is why there are two conflicting stories from her). When this happened, Elin immediately called Mark Steinberg to tell him what happened, and Mark told Elin to tell him what hospital they were going to, and he would meet them there.

Tiger is transported to the hospital with Elin in the ambulance, and as they arrive Mark is there waiting for them. The people from the hospital and the doctors take Tiger in for X-Rays etc to check out the damage caused. The doctors tell Mark there is not much they can do to repair the teeth and the gash, but the doctor knows a cosmetic dentist and plastic surgeon in Phoenix who will make Tiger look as if nothing happened. Tiger tells Mark to get the jet ready and let’s head to Phoenix to get this done. Friday after Tiger is released from the hospital, he does not return home; he and Mark board the plane for Phoenix. If you remember FHP kept showing up at Isleworth to talk to Tiger, and was told by another FL attorney (who Tiger hired for PR reasons) Tiger was not ready to talk. Well now we know why, he was in Phoenix, and did not arrive back in Orlando until either late last Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. The surgeries were more intense than what they had originally planned, which meant Tiger was in PHX longer than he should have been. Upon arriving back in Orlando, Tiger and Elin have been in intense marriage counseling sessions (up to 6 to 7 hours a day) every day! Both Tiger and Elin have told the counselors they love each other, and want to make the marriage work. The reports you are reading on TMZ and RadarOnline are about 30% accurate at best according to Mark.

In regards to Tiger’s boat being in Palm Beach this week, along with Rachel; that part is true. However, Tiger is not on the boat, and is not in Palm Beach; and Rachel is not on the boat. Her parents live 6 blocks from where the boat is, but that is it. Tiger has not returned to his house at Isleworth since the day of the accident except for the therapy sessions. IMG has enlisted the assistance of one of its most recognized sports figures, and Tiger has taken up residence in his neighborhood, Bay Hill. IMG contacted Arnold Palmer because of the high regard in which Tiger holds Arnold. Arnold has agreed, and IMG has said if anyone can get through to Tiger, Arnold may be the only person who can, based on his public persona when he was at the height of his game as well. The moving trucks being shown on TMZ and RadarOnline are moving out pictures and furniture which was damaged during their Thanksgiving Day argument; not of her moving out. Yes, Elin has retained a divorce attorney, but has not filed any papers, and as of yesterday had no intention on doing so. Tiger has not made any public appearances or statements due to the surgery and plastic surgery he had in PHX. It will be about another month if not more before he gets in front of a camera. Yes, Tiger is hitting golf balls late at night at Bay Hill out of their teaching center (which is equipped with lights).

That is as up to date as I have……..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

RE: TAG Heuer Stands with Tiger Woods

Watch Company Tag Heuer a major sponsor of Tiger woods posted the comment “TAG Heuer Stands with Tiger Woods” on its company website. TAG Heuer joins Nike in supporting its most popular pitchman.

This just goes to show that Tiger is still the man when it comes to endorsements, particularly products that target a male audience. NIKE and TAG Heuer are taking a “this too shall pass” stance and I think they are smart for doing so.

Gillette, Gatorade and Accenture are sponsors who chose to cut and run and I think they may have made a mistake. Only time will tell, but it appears that the reports of Tiger Woods demise have been greatly exaggerated. MONEY TALKS!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

RE: Never Thought I would Say It

I never thought the day would come when I would say that I wouldn’t want to be in Tiger Woods shoes. I kind of always wondered what it would be like to be like Tiger. He has all the money you ever wanted, all the talent in the world and the ability to command audiences all over the world. But as of late, Tiger Woods is not the person you want to be.

It seems like everyday Tigers losses a corporate sponsor and gains another mistress. He is poster boy for unfaithful men all over the world. It’s almost as his achievements on the golf course have been erased by is poor choices in the streets.

When it’s all said and done Tiger fall from grace has been a very long and painful one. The squeaky clean poster of sports has been exposed as philandering billionaire with multiple mistresses. Who woulda thunk it !

Here is the reality. The American public has short memory and whenit comes to our sports heroes we seems to have amnesia. As soon as Tiger steps back on the golf course and hoists a trophy all will be forgotten. All he needs to do is win and his indiscretions will fade into oblivion.

News Flash: Tiger is Human and this entire episode proves that we all make bad decisions no matter how squeaky clean we try and portray ourselves.

"keep it in the short grass"

Edward S. Wanambwa

Saturday, December 12, 2009

RE: ESPN Outside The Lines Interview DEC 9th 2009

This is an interview I did on ESPN OTL along with OTL's Bob Ley and Darren Rovell of CNBC. We discuss the impact of the recent personal incidents concerning Tiger Woods and how they might effect his future and his relationships with his sponsors, the media and his future endorsements.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

RE: Is Tiger Woods and His “Affairs” our Affair?

As more details come out concerning Tiger Woods and his extramarital activities it appears that Tiger has been a very busy man both on and off the golf course. Tabloids, Gossip websites and even mainstream media oulets have an insatiable appetite for any and everything Tiger. A new alleged mistress seems to pop up everyday.

In typical Tiger fashion his camp as remained virtually silent by using his website as a vehicle to release generic and polished statements asking for privacy and respect. I didn’t really expect anything else from the one of the most elusive figures in all of sports. It’s no secret that Tiger’s most prized possession in this world is his privacy, just look at the name of his Yacht. He rented an entire island just to have wedding for Pete’s sake.

But now that his veil of privacy has been ripped wide open it will be very interesting to see how Tiger handles it. No matter how hard he tries to make this situation go away it only seems to grow larger and more lurid. In my opinion, Woods should just come clean, get it out in the open and show his human side. We all know he isn’t Superman despite that fact he looks like him on the golf course.

In my opinion, Tiger’s marital problems are just that, his problems. I realize that he is a public figure and we all want to know what really happened but he is also a married man who has to deal with his wife. Tiger and Elin Woods are a married couple that deserves a certain level of privacy and respect.

I have a feeling that as the days go on the media storm will intensify and the Woods household will have more than they can handle. But I urge everyone to remember “ IT’S NOT YOUR BUSINESS” not matter how much we want to know.

"Keep it in the short grass"
Edward S. Wanambwa

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tiger Woods: The 911 Call

Virtually every News outlet is flooding the airwaves with reports detailing or rather speculating about the events that occurred outside the Orlando home of golf and sports icon Tiger Woods.

Apparent Woods crashed his Luxury SUV into a tree after hitting a fire hydrant as he was leaving his home in the exclusive Windermere Subdivision in the early hours of November 27. He was transported to a local hospital, treated and later released. As you can imagine stories concerning the details of this event are all the rage and it seems as if you can’t turn on the television without hearing about Tiger Woods and his lack of driving skills.

Rumors and innuendos abound concerning the cause of this completely odd occurrence in the pristine and crystal clean universe that is Tiger Woods. After all the world’s most recognizable athlete hasn’t had as much as a jay walking ticket in his life. Well, that’s the image the Team Tiger sold us all and we eagerly bought into. Tiger Woods was the epitome of excellence. You didn’t hear about him fighting in bars, or shooting up strip clubs. He simply played golf, won major championships, ran his charitable foundation, made enormous amounts of money and took care of his family. What else could you ask for? Nike and IMG did a fantastic job of orchestrating and creating an image of Tiger as the ultimate athlete, pitchman, father and husband. But after the events of November 27, 2009, it appears that things are not as they seem.

However, before we all rush to judgment let’s resist the urge to speculate and jump to conclusions about what actually happened that morning. Obviously there is a storm brewing the Woods household and I am sure there is more to come.

"Keep it in the short grass"
Edward S. Wanambwa

Saturday, November 21, 2009

RE: One of Europe’s Oldest Golf Courses is Also One of its Most Beautiful

Spectacular scenic beauty with towering snowcapped mountains and an azure blue lake separate this golf course from all others in Central Europe. Located on the shores of Lake Bled in Slovenia (formerly part of Yugoslavia and now an EU member state) the Bled Golf Course opened in 1937 and was redesigned in 1972 by famous golf architect Donald Harradine. The facility comprises an 18-hole King’s Course and a 9-hole Lake Course. There are seven different courses located within an hour’s drive of Bled in Slovenia, Austria, and Italy making Bled a great golfing destination.

The King’s Course is located near to Slovenia’s highest range of mountains the Julian Alps and the Karavanka Range At 7,490 feet the awesome Mount Stol is the highest peak.

Following the First World War, Bled was the summer home of the Yugoslav royal family. The royals and diplomatic community were interested in golf and the King’s Course course built. Abandoned during the Second World War,
it was redesigned and reopened in 1972. In 1993, the 9-hole Lake Course was opened.
It features a more contemporary design and has more varied relief and three water hazards. It also has a putting green.

The four-star King's Club House enjoys a premier location by the golf course and is most suitable for golfers wishing to stay in the immediate vicinity of the course.

Recently renovated and features 2 suites and 7 double rooms with balcony. All are equipped with direct dial telephone, satellite TV, mini bar and air-conditioning. The rooms offer wonderful views of the Karavanke range or the Julian Alps.
There are also many fine accommodations in the city center of Bled.

Learn more at

James Weaver
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Metropolitan NYCTravel Correspondent
Courier Times Telegraph, Tyler,
TX Journal & Topics,
Suburban Chicago Journal-Press,
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tiger Woods casues an Uproar Down Under

Tiger Woods is going down to Australia to play in a golf tournament. No big deal right? Wrong !! Tiger Woods is not only getting a reported $3 Million dollar appearance fee, he is getting the royal treatment. Here is a link to the Daily Telegraph article:

New Mexico Offers Golfers Some Of The Nation’s Most Beautiful And Challenging Courses

by Jim Weaver

The Towa Golf Club located on the Pueblo of Pojoaque, just minutes north of the Santa Fe, NM, offers an outstanding experience in a breathtaking setting. The public course was designed by PGA Tour Champion Hale Irwin and landscape architect Bill Phillips of Tempe, AZ. They utilized the natural topography and unique natural rock and indigenous piƱon trees to create a magnificent, high desert golf course. Surrounded by the majestic Sangre de Cristo and Jemez mountains, it is one of the most spectacular golf settings in the Southwest.

Three of the four nines currently are open. The Boulder nine, so named because of the amazing rock formations that frame it, also features the only island green in New Mexico (hole #4, 186 yard par 3). The first hole of the Pinon nine is a breath taking, 631 yard, par 5. At 3,332 yards, the Butterfly nine is the shortest of the three nines, but offers challenges for beginner and experienced players alike.

Golf Course Superintendent, David Smith, CGCS. Smith came to Towa in May 2009 after 8 years as superintendent at Pelican Marsh Golf
Club in Florida. He has more than 20 years experience working in the golfing industry and has experience managing tournaments including amateur and mid-amateur qualifiers and championships.

The Towa Golf Course offers twenty-seven holes of excitement for everyone. The first class clubhouse features a Golf Shop and a full service restaurant, bar, and an outdoor patio. Course photos and a virtual tour are available online at

In addition to the outstanding golf course, the Buffalo Thunder Resort (managed and operated by Hilton Hotels) offers a variety of world class amenities including 395 luxury guest rooms, a full service luxury spa, and several excellent restaurants and bars. There are also two heated swimming pools, tennis courts; walking trails, and an Indian Market art gallery and shop.

The resort’s 61,000 square foot casino offers a modern gaming floor with 1,200 new slot machines and 22 various table games. The casino is owned and operated by the Pueblo of Pojoaque.

The Towa Golf Club is located at Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino, Pojoaque, NM, off Highway 84/285 just 12 miles north of
Santa Fe.

James Weaver
Travel EditorNew York Trend,
Metropolitan NYCTravel Correspondent
Courier Times Telegraph, Tyler,
TX Journal & Topics,
Suburban Chicago Journal-Press,
Northern Virginia Independent Feature Writer Chestnut Hill Local,
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Fairway To Heaven, Golfing in Geneva, Switzerland

by Jim Weaver

Located at the foot of the Swiss Alps, on the shores of beautiful Lake Geneva, the cosmopolitan city of Geneva, Switzerland, is truly a welcome destination for golf enthusiasts. Within easy reach of Europe's major cities, the climate in Geneva is amazing. Average summer temperature is a balmy 78 degrees, perfect weather for a round of golf on a championship course and there are a tempting selection of three magnificent courses just minutes away.

Golfers will adore Geneva. Here you’ll find the Golf & Country Club de Bonmont, the most famous in Geneva for its technical difficulties and stunning views (18 holes, 71par); Golf du Domaine de Divonne, the most spectacular 18 hole championship golf course (72 par), and the Golf & Country Club de Bossey, with views over the Lake Geneva (18 holes, 71 par).

Set against the towering backdrop of snow capped peaks, with the shimmering waters of Lake Geneva nearby, few fairways and greens can compete with the golf experiences afforded by Geneva.

There are many fine hotels in Geneva and concierge staff are more than willing to secure tee times at area golf courses. Begin your travel plans at and .

James Weaver
Travel EditorNew York Trend,
Metropolitan NYCTravel Correspondent
Courier Times Telegraph, Tyler,
TX Journal & Topics,
Suburban Chicago Journal-Press,
Northern Virginia Independent Feature Writer Chestnut Hill Local,
Philadelphia The Crafts Report Antiques & Collecting Carousel News & Trader Old Time Herald DelMarVa Quarterly

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Billion Dollar Man

Lee Majors portrayed the $6 million dollar man on television. But In real Life Tiger Woods has offcially become the first Billion Dollar Athlete. After Winning his second Fed Ex Cup title in 3 years, Woods eclipsed the $ billion dollar mark in career earnings. Here is a link to the story:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

RE: TGX Golf Radio Show 08/05/2009

Great guests on my show today !!

TGX Golf Radio Show Professional Golfer
Mr Chris Arceneaux:

Mr. Julian Phillpis
Christian Cultural Center

Mr J. Eric Eckard
Golf and Travel writer

Buick ends Sponsohip of Two PGA Tour Events

The PGA Tour is feeling the strain of the downturn in the economy. Buick a General Motors company announced Monday that they are pulling their title sponsorship of two PGA Tour stops. Buick will no longer sponsor the Buick Open and the Buick Invitational played in La Jolla California at Torrey Pines Golf Club.

The PGA Tour also has 10 other tournament with sponsorship deals the are set to end in 2010. Only time can tell if they will be able to keep those events on the schedule.

Edward Wanambwa

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tiger Woods Wins the 2009 Buick Open

Tiger woods shot a final round 3- under 69 to claim his 3rd Buick Open title and his 69th career win on the PGA Tour. With this win woods inches closer to surpassing Jack Nicklaus mark of 73 career wins and with a win at the 2009 PGA Championship Woods could claim his 15th career major. Woods has committed to play in the Bridgestone Invitational this week. He is a 6-time winner of the event and he looks to add a 7th win there before playing next week in the 2009 PGA Championship.

Images courtesy of: Getty Images

Edward. S. Wanambwa

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Woods leads the 2009 Buick Open

Tigers Woods is back ! After s sizzling 63 on Friday, Woods carded an exciting 7 under 65 today to take the lead heading into the final round of the 2009 Buick Open. Michael Letzig who was paired with Woods in the final round of the Memorial Tournament Bogeyed the 18th hole on Saturday to give Woods the lead heading into the final round.

Will Tiger Woods rebound from his poor play in the British Open by winning the Buick Open? Well if history is any indication, He has the odds on his side. Tiger Woods has held the 54 hole lead in 49 tournaments and he has been victorious in 46 of them.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Crystal Springs Golf Resort, Sussex County, New Jersey

By: Jim Weaver

I truly never knew New Jersey had mountains. While there are miles of beaches and scores of casinos to be seen and enjoyed, you need to know where to look to find the mountains. In the very northwestern corner of the state just east of the Delaware Water Gap in Sussex County are the Kittatinny Mountains, and best of all they’re only an hour from Manhattan and Liberty International (Newark) Airport. While these mountains are not the Alps or even the Rockies, they are nevertheless quite beautiful and offer a variety of great recreational opportunities year round.

Located in a pristine mountain valley just outside Hamburg, NJ, Crystal Springs Golf Resort offers outstanding vacation and weekend getaway opportunities for couples, families,
and golfers looking for a variety of world class courses. Crystal Spring boasts seven championship golf courses, unmatched by any other New Jersey resort including Ballyowen, Black Bear, the new Cascades, Crystal Springs, Great Gorge, Minerals and Wild Turkey all located within a 5-mile radius and open to resort guest and the general public.

Ballyowen Golf Club was just named as one of the Top 50 Public Courses in the U.S. by Conde Nast's GolfWorld Magazine. More than 21,000 individual golf courses were evaluated based on thirteen different performance criteria, including quality and condition of the course, reputation/prestige, food/dining, and service.

Boasting a 6,673-yard layout co-designed by famed developer Jack Kurlander and PGA “Golf Instructor of the Year” David Glenz, the nearby Black Bear course offers players an inviting diversity of terrain, scenery, and shot selections.

Cascades is the newest golf course at Crystal Springs Resort. Nationally renowned golf course architect Roger Rulewich, of The Golf Group was responsible for the course’s design -- his third at Crystal Springs Resort. Measuring just 3,627 yards, the course’s design stresses playability.

Crystal Springs Golf Club is recognized as one of the finest golf facilities in the northeastern United States. When it opened in 1992, it was rated among the top 25 new golf courses in America by Golf Digest Magazine. Year after year, Crystal Springs ranks among Golf Digest’s top 10 list for public golf courses in New Jersey.

Crystal Springs is also considered the most challenging layout in New Jersey. Despite measuring just over 6,800 yards from the championship tees, the distinct character of the club can be attributed to designer Robert von Hagge of Houston, Texas, one of the leading golf course architects in the United States.

Great Gorge Country Club is a golfer’s paradise. The George Fazio designed, 27 hole complex was given four stars by Golf Digest. It offers a truly exceptional challenge for golfers of all skill levels. Great Gorge is composed of three separate and distinct nine-hole courses:

The Minerals Golf Club is designed for great family fun. Known locally as the best 9-hole golf course in the region, its Robert Trent Jones-designed layout is perfect for every member of the family. Advanced players can be challenged on a spectacular mountainside layout measuring over 2,305 yards, while younger players have their own tees way ahead of mom and dad.

Wild Turkey is the Crystal Spring Resort’s second Roger Rulewich design, following Ballyowen. Located next to Crystal Springs Golf Club, Wild Turkey’s features two distinct terrain types combine the sheer expansiveness of Ballyowen with the rugged, multileveled nature of Crystal Springs.

The resort features two luxury hotels -- the Minerals Resort & Spa featuring 175 spacious and elegantly appointed guest rooms, as
well as condominiums, and the Grand Cascades Lodge
offering 250 outstanding 4-star Adirondack style accommodations and world-class amenities.

After a rewarding day of golf, resort guests can head to the spa. Crystal Springs features two award-winning spas - Reflections Spa and Elements Spa. They were recently ranked among the top 20 Spas in America featuring mineral-based treatments and therapies.

Crystal Spring has twelve different restaurants, cafes, and bistros, serving a variety of delicious food. Restaurant Latour, at the Grand Cascades Lodge, is the resorts premiere restaurant. It is known for its fine cuisine, outstanding selection of wines, and impeccable service. Its 64,000 bottle wine cellar (one of the world’s largest), winner of Wine Spectator's Grand Award, is available for tours and group tastings. Latour offers a truly memorable dining experience in every respect. You can even watch a colorful sunset beyond the distant mountain tops while you enjoy your superb dinner.

To learn more view

James C. Weaver

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Woods Roars back into Contention at the 2009 Buick Open

Woods roared back into contention in the 2nd Round at the 2009 Buick Invitational with a blazing round of 63. After a lackluster 1-under 71 in the first round Tiger Woods made a classic charge up the leaderboard leaving him at 10 under par heading into the weekend.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cink Claims 2009 Open Championship as Watson Falters

Tom Watson’s bid to win the 2009 Open Championship came up a bit short. Watson reached the 72nd hole Sunday needing a par to win his 9 major championship and secure the Claret Jug. However, it wasn’t meant to be. After his 2nd shot in the 18th green ran through the back of the green, Watson found himself facing a difficult up and down. He pushed his 3rd shot about 9 feet past the cup and left himself with a testy putt coming back.

Watson stepped up to his ball and made a very tentative stroke missing the cup to the right. The bogey meant that Watson was now in a 4-hole playoff with clubhouse leader Stewart Cink. Watson bogeyed the first playoff hole and never recovered from it. He went on to lose the playoff by six shots. Stewart Cink emerged as the 2009 Open Champion and claimed his first major championship.

This week was filled with compelling storylines and Tom Watson’s gallant effort tops them all. He played like a champion and he deserves the utmost credit and respect.

Congratulations to the 2009 Open Championship Stewart Cink.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images
Edward S. Wanambwa
'keep it in the short grass"

Saturday, July 18, 2009

3rd Round 2009 Open Championship Wrap Up

Tom Watson finds himself holding the 54 hole lead at the 2009 Open Championship. Sunday is shaping up to be a very exciting final round at Turnberry. At the start of this tournament all the buzz was about Tiger Woods and his bid for a 15th major championship. But after Woods failed to make the halfway cut, all eyes turned to Hall of famer Tom Watson and his amazing run at his 9th Major.

At 59 years old he could become the oldest player to win a major since World War II. Defending champion Padrig Harrington all but ensured that he would not repeat after shooting a 3rd round 6-over 76.

Will Watson continue his stellar play and earn a miracle win? Or will someone else step up and claim this 9th major championship?

Photos courtesy of Getty Images

Edward S. Wanambwa
'keep it in the short grass"

Friday, July 17, 2009

2nd Round wrap Up 2009 Open Championship

Friday was a surprising day at the 2009 Open championship at Turnberry. Tom Watson recovers from a shaky start to his 2nd round and rebounds for an even par round of 70. It looked like the magic Tom Watson showed yesterday was all but gone but he found a way to regroup and regain a share of the lead with fellow American Steve Marino. Truly an amazing accomplishment on a day that featured high winds and high scores to match. Only time will tell is the golf gods will smile on Watson and grant him a 6th Claret Jug on the same course he won one on 32 years ago.

The real story was Tiger Woods missing the cut after shooting a 4-over 74. If the cut line doesn’t move to 5-over, he is likely miss the cut in this years Open Championship marking only the second time in his career that he missed a cut in the major championship. The only other time Woods missed the cut was at the 2006 U.S. Open at Winged Foot shortly after his fathers’ death.

Despite making a bit of a rally by making birdie in the 16th and 17th holes, Wood’s chip from the back of the green on 18 came up short and the disappointing par left him one shot above the cut line.

This years Championship is shaping up to be a very memorable one, sadly the world’s number one player will have to watch it from home.
I am sure that fans and televison networks are very disappointed.

Images Courtesy of Getty Images

Edward S. Wanambwa
"Keep it in the short grass"

Thursday, July 16, 2009

2009 British Open: First Round Notes

As usual all the talk before the start of the 2009 U.S. British Open was about Tiger Woods and his quest for a 15th major Championship. Things didn't get off to a good start for Tiger today. Tiger got off to rocky start to this championship shooting a 1 over 71. Woods struggled with his driving and failed to get up and down on a few key holes that lead to over par score.

But the story wasn’t about what Tiger did on the course. The story that prevailed today concerning Tiger was his reluctance to talk the media after his round. The made a few brief comments and then disappeared presumably to the range to tune up his swing. He turned down a request from Jim Huber of TNTbroadcasting to sit down and speak about his round.

This begs the question, are Tiger’s actions wrong? Is he being unfair and unreasonable because he won’t talk to the press after a bad round? Or is he just being a competitor that who wants to win more than anything? Please add your thoughts.

Tom Watson proved today the experience can take you along way in championship golf. Watson carded an impressive 5-under 65 to take the lead for most of the day. It wasn’t until Spaniard Miguel Angel Jimenez rolled in a long putt on the 18th hole to record a 6-under 64 that Watson relinquished the lead. However, his play brought smiles and cheers form the galleries who cheered on a great champion and he showed signs that he still had the game that won him the 1977 Open Championship at Turnberry. Good Luck Tom!

I have to mention Ian Poulter ! WOW what a fashion statement today. If the union Jack Shirt wasn’t enough, Ian broke out the plaid pants that were so loud they could heard all over Europe. My only concern is that Ian Poulter and John Daly get grouped together! Can you imagine the colors you will see between them?

But hey that’s why I love this game.

More later !

Photos Courtesy of Getty Images

Ed Wanambwa
‘Keep it in the short grass”

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baywood Greens: A Gem In Delaware

Delaware’s Baywood Greens offers some of the most attractive scenery and challenging golf on the Eastern Seaboard. Just minutes from the seaside resort communities of Rehoboth Beach and Lewes, Baywood Greens is a top rated eighteen hole championship public golf course. It features an elegant Clubhouse with exceptional amenities and acres of spectacular woods, gardens, and lakes.

Baywood Greens has received considerable acclaim in recent years including being ranked number ten (best) in America by Golf Link (2008). It has received 4 1/2 stars from Golf Digest (2008). Pros n' Hackers named it Most Memorable Golf Experience and Number One Best Golf Course Conditions (both in 2008). Finally, the Zagat Survey, the food people, has named Baywood Greens, Best in Delaware (2007-2008).

The gardens at Baywood Greens are a prime destination for garden enthusiasts. The landscape designer’s mission was to create a visually dramatic landscape that provides inspiration to visitors and promotes and conserve of the natural beauty of the coastal plain. Achieving dramatic and harmonious color is one of the guiding principle at the gardens.

More than thirty acres of gardens are maintained on the 500 acre property and include naturalized wetlands and ponds, woodland parks, mixed borders, and extensive seasonal displays. The most intensive plantings are concentrated near the clubhouse with an English garden, a wedding garden, a tropical and texture garden and a tiered waterfall and pond. Natural beauty dominates in the fall and the year ends with a sparkling holiday display illuminating the gardens with over 100,000 lights.

The exquisite floral gardens near the clubhouse are free and open to the public. Baywood Greens is an ideal setting for weddings, banquets, other special occasions, and corporate events. The clubhouse verandah is the perfect vantage point to enjoy a light lunch and watch the golfers on the 18th green. Needless to say the food and serve at Baywood Greens is first rate.

An "Exclusively Public" 18-Hole championship course, Baywood Greens offers golfers the most scenic and spectacular golf on the Delmarva Peninsula.

The Baywood Greens website has a detailed map of every hole on the golf course. It provides the yardage from various tee locations, suggests possible club selection, and describes the challenges each hole presents. Your Blackberry or iPhone can be of great help here.

An "Exclusively Public" 18-hole championship course, Baywood Greens offers golfers the most scenic and spectacular golf on the Delmarva Peninsula. An additional nine hole course will open here in 2011.

Sometimes described as the “Augusta of the North”, Baywood Greens offers golfers the meticulously manicured Woodside and Waterside nines featuring eight timbered bridges, 27 acres of man-made ponds, two tunnels and more than 200,000 flowers, plants, shrubs and trees. It’s a golfer’s paradise.

Story and Photos by:
James Weaver

Travel EditorNew York Trend,
Metropolitan NYCTravel Correspondent
Courier Times Telegraph, Tyler, TX
Journal & Topics, Suburban Chicago
Northern Virginia Independent Feature Writer
Chestnut Hill Local, Philadelphia
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Monday, June 22, 2009

2009 U.S.Open Storylines

The final round of the 2009 U.S. Open begins in a about an hour from now and there are a several compelling storylines:

1. Can the co-leader Ricky Barnes hold on and make the U.S. Open his frist career win? or will the Major Championship pressure takes it toll on him?

2. Can co-leader Lucas Glover continue his steady play and capture the 2009 U.S. Open?

3. Can crowd Favorite,3-time Major Champions and World # 2 Phil Mickelson charge up the leaderboard and steal this major?

4. Can David Duval find a way to win the 2009 U.S. Open and make a statement that he is back.? After becoming the #1 player in the World and Winning The British Open in 2001 Duval all but disappeared and now he is on the first page of the leaderboard. Can he get it done?

5. Let not forget about Tiger Woods. Despite the fact he is 7 shots back with 11 holes to go, can Tiger make a run and somehow win this championship?

6. Will the winner be someone who we haven't spoken about? If so who?

Just a few of my thoughts. What do you think?


Ed Wanambwa

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The 2009 U.S. Open Glover Wins at Bethpage

The 2009 U.S. Open started with numerous compelling storylines that captured the attention of fans and media alike. However, those storylines were all but washed away by the pouring rain that deluged Long Island, NY. Mother nature reared her ugly head and caused the USGA to scramble, postpone and reshuffle tee times so that the 109th U.S. Open Championship could take place.

Despite the challenges presented by the weather, a champion was eventually crowned at the 2009 U.S. Open. Lucas Glover walked away as a major championship winner and earning his second win on the PGA Tour. Glover outlasted playing partner and former U.S. Amateur Champion Ricky Barnes to prevail at Bethpage Black.

But I have to ask this question, how many people really believe the Lucas Glover will become a player to be reckoned with on the PGA Tour? Glover left Bethpage as a U.S. Open Champion who only has one other PGA Tour win on his resume at the 2005 Funai Classic. Will he be the next Steve Jones or the next Retief Goosen? I guess only time will tell.

I think the real story at the 2009 U.S. Open was the re emergence of David Duval. Up until the 2009 U.S. open Duval’s best finish was a tie for 55th at the AT&T National Pro-AM. So to seeing Duval at the top over the leaderboard was a strange sight to behold. It appeared for a moment that the number 882 ranked player in the world was going to become the 2009 U.S. Open after making a back nine run on Monday. Despite the fact that he fell short at the end, Duval scored the biggest win of the week in my opinion.

With his 2nd place finish, David Duval vaulted an amazing 740 spots to become the 142 ranked player in the world. But more importantly he showed signs that his life on the golf course as well as his life off the course are in tune with each other. It’s great to see David playing well again.

Phil Mickelson entered the 2009 U.S. Open with a lot on his heart and mind. Earlier this year Mickelson announced that his wife Amy had been diagnosed with breast cancer and after a brief leave of absence Mickelson returned to the PGA Tour with the hope of winning his 4th major championship at the 2009 U.S. Open. Phil Mickelson is always the undeniable crowd favorite at Bethpage Black and this year was no different. Loud cheers followed Mickelson around the golf course and as the beer flowed the crowds grew louder and louder.

Coming down the stretch Mickelson made a move and after an eagle on the 13th hole, he found himself tied for the lead. But Mickelson’s poor putting over his final three holes lead to a disappointing 2nd place finish and marked his 5th runner finish in the U.S. Open.

Tiger Woods was visibly disappointed at his performance in the U.S. Open. He never really got anything started in the entire championship. Tiger’s inconsistent putter proved to be his downfall and if Woods could have managed to sink a few more putts, he might have been raising his 15th Major championship trophy. In spite of Tiger not closing the deal at Bethpage, there is now doubt he will be the favorite in this seasons remaining Major Championships.

In my opinion the 2009 U.S. Open will be remembered for the rain, the interruptions, the starting and stopping and the unlikely winner. The 2009 U.S. Open never really felt like a major championship until the last nine holes on Monday. The New York fans lived up to their usual boisterous reputations and the beer flowed like the rain on the greens at Bethpage. All in all the 2009 U.S. Open provided some very championship that crowned a worthy and deserving Champion.

"keep it in the short grass"
Edward S. Wanambwa

Rain Postpones the first round of the 2009 U.S. Open

The weather was the story today at he 109th U.S. open at Bethpage state Park in New York. Play was halted and eventuall the first round was canelled. Everyone was watching Tiger Woods who got off to a shaky star with a wayward drive on the first hole. he scrambled in typical Tiger fashion and made a par on the hole.

However after 4 holes he was 2 over par. He made a late birdie to get to 1-over before play was halted. Tiger finished 6 holes and he will pickup where he left off tomorrow along with the rest of the field.

photo: courtesy of Getty Images
"keep it in the short grass"
Edward S Wanambwa

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tiger Woods is Done !

I wanted to break the news first. Tiger Woods career is official over. Based on current news reports Tiger can hang it up. His surgically repaired knee is weaker and now he has fallen back into the of realm of the also rans. In his return Tiger has had a few lackluster putting performances and his game is not quite as sharp as it once was, but SO WHAT !! I recall him winning the 2008 U.S. Open on one leg.

Give me a break ! It kills me when the mainstream golf media has nothing else to do but invent an even remotely interesting golf story. I can’t think of any other player that has even come close to the domination that Tiger has shown in the last 13 seasons. There have been many “challengers” named but how many have lasted. The proof is in the pudding as they say. 13 seasons on the PGA Tour and 14 Professional majors and 66 PGA Tour wins, that says it all.

Let's hold our horse before we count him out.

"keep it in the short grass"
Edward S. Wanambwa

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

TGX Golf Blog: Ed’s Golf Notes

Hello all these are golf notes for the week:

Is Tiger Slipping: Sean O’hair won last weeks Quail Hollow Championship in Charlotte. It was his 3rd career PGA Tour Victory and it also marked the 2nd tournament that Tiger Woods failed to close the deal in the final round. Naturally all the post round talk was about how Tiger might be slipping after his comeback. Many writers said that “Tiger Factor” was fading and that more tour players weren’t intimidated by Tiger’s presence on a Sunday. I couldn’t disagree more. There is some truth to the notion that if today’s younger players have nor fear of Tiger and when coming down the stretch on the Sunday they seem to play well regardless of who is in the hunt. However, the “Tiger factor” still exists and when Tiger plays again he is and will continue to be the favorite. Tiger just needs to make more putts!

Congratulations: Sean O’hair on his victory at the 2009 Quail Hollow Championship! After two 2nd place finishes he finally got the job done.

No More Stogies on the Links:
Golfers all over the nation are fuming about the efforts of cities nationwide to ban smoking on public golf courses. I am sure you can imagine the uproar by duffers across the country as non-smoking advocates fight to extinguish their cigars. As golfer and a smoker I say enough is enough after all its A GOLF COURSE not a confined space. How can cigar smoke bother you outside! Give me a break! I am still gonna spark one up and play away. Here is a link to the Smoking Ban article:

"Keep it in the short grass"
Edward S. Wanambwa

Monday, April 20, 2009

Slow Play

I have the privilege of watching the best players in the world play golf form inside the ropes. I have witnessed some of the best ball strikers in the game hit shots from only a few feet away. So I have an idea of how the game is supposed to be played.

Now with that being said, I have to call out those golfers who have allowed professional golf to ruin recreational golf. Slow play has been an enemy of golf for years. Nothing is more frustrating that playing behind a slow group. It’s hard to get into a rhythm and that in turn affects how you play that day.

For example, a 25 handicap player hits a decent drive on a long par 5 and has about 260 yards to the green. Instead of playing to the percentages and hitting a lay up shot he decides that he is going to hit the shot of his life and go for the green. So he stands in the fairway with his 3 wood and waits for the green to clear ahead of him. Meanwhile your group is standing on the tee box waiting to hit your tee shot and you are wondering what the heck he is doing. After all with 260 left to the green he could hit a bucket of balls and never reach it. So after a lengthy delay he addresses the ball, takes a mighty swing and tops it about 30 yards.

After following PGA Tour players around the course and watching how they play the game, I realized that as a recreational player I am supposed to suck! They do this for living and they do it well. Go out enjoy yourself and remember that you’re not the only one out there playing. Have some consideration for other players. So pick up your 5th putt and move to the next hole.
"Keep it in the short grass"
Edward S. Wanambwa

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The 2009 Masters a Look Back

Now that the 2009 Masters is in the books, I would to reflect on a few of my experiences in Augusta.

Augusta was abuzz as always with Masters Fever; however this year was it was a bit more subdued. Patrons lined the sidewalks along Washington road and scurried in and out of the gates of Augusta National like kids at a candy store. They were almost in a trance like state basking in the afterglow of having walked the hallowed grounds of Augusta National. I could tell I was at the Masters.

The economic downturn was evident as well. Weeklong badges could be purchased for a few hundred dollars. A shocking proposition considering that in past years a Masters badge would have set you back a few thousand dollars.
Inside the gates of The National it was business as usual. The packed gift shop, the long lines of patrons waiting to get their hands on those famed pimento cheese sandwiches and a cold beer in a Masters cup. There was an electric atmosphere around the golf course and I think the members at Augusta National made a call to the big guy and request perfect weather because they got it.

After years of complaints about the course setup, the tournament committee final relented and setup a fair but yet challenging layout this year. As I looked at the leaderboard I saw my share of birdies and the occasional eagle popped up as well. The roars were back at the Masters. With a winning score of 12-under par it’s clear that setup was fair and very playable. Just don’t ask Sergio Garcia that, he is still whining. I guess he played a different course.

The storylines that played out this week went from magical to tragic. Kenny Perry almost became the oldest winner of a Major Championship, but it was not to be. Two late bogeys’ and a bogey on the 2nd playoff hole cost him the championship. But despite the stinging loss he handled it with class and dignity. Kenny Perry in a true gentleman and a credit to the game.

Tiger and Phil made a charge on Sunday and put on a display of golf that electrified the crowd. Even though they both fell short, it was womderful seeing them go mano y mano at the Masters. Hopefully, we can see it again.

“El Pato” the duck Angel Cabrera now gets to take a Green Jacket back to Argentina. He became the first Masters champion from South America. A fitting winner when you think about 1968 and the memorable scorecard gaffe by Roberto DeVicenzo. Cabrera’s win served as a bit of redemption for Roberto and now he can say I was not so stupid. Congratulations Angel Cabrera.
(images courtesy of Getty Images)
"keep it in the short grass"
Edward S. Wanambwa

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Masterful Masters: Cabrera Wins a Green Jacket

Easter Sunday at Augusta National served as the setting for a major championship that will be remembered and talked about for years to come. The patrons were expecting an exciting final round and they got what they wished for and much more.

Angel Cabrera persevered, played steady golf, got a few nice breaks and walked away with his first green jacket and his second major championship. Kentucky’s Kenny Perry on the other hand let the green jacket slip out of his grasp with two costly bogeys on the final two holes and another bogey on the second playoff hole seal his fate.

Perry left the 16th green with a two shot lead and seemingly had the tournament won. He was clearly the crowd favorite and it was hard to root for him. At 48 years old, Kenny Perry would have become the oldest player to win a major championship. However, the golf Gods did not smile on him. His close friend Chad Campbell let another opportunity to win major slip away as well. Playing the next last group, Campbell was in position to win the tournament of the 18th green. He could have posted a winning score but his birdie putt slipped by. Despite the fact that he was the third player in the playoff, he missed a short putt for par and was quickly eliminated on the first playoff hole.

Angel Cabrera solidified himself as a world class player on Sunday. He handled the pressure of a major championship with class and poise. At the 2007 U.S. Open, Cabrera stared down Tiger Woods and Jim Furyk on his way to his first major championship. He did the same thing yesterday at the Masters. He couldn’t help but hear the thunderous cheers of the patrons as Tiger and Phil made a charge and flew up the leaderboard. Cabrera appeared to have a few loose swings on the front nine, but he managed to calm himself and right the ship.

Cabrera’s win in a small and symbolic way is a measure of redemption for his fellow countrymen Roberto DeVicenzo. In 1968 DeVicenzo lost the Masters because he signed an incorrect scorecard. He marked down a 4 on the 17th hole instead of a 3. The error was discovered after he signed his scorecard and under the rules of golf he was disqualified. His mistake still reigns as one of the saddest stories in all of sports. After Cabrera’s U.S. Open win in 2007, De Vicenzo gave Cabrera a picture of him holding a green jacket and told him to win one for himself on day.

This Easter Sunday Angel Cabrera did just that. His win was the first for Argentina and as he put on that green jacket I am sure Roberto DeVicenzo had a smile on his a face and was feeling a sense of pride for his friend Angel Cabrera.

(images Courtesy Getty Images)

"Keep it in the short grass"
Edward. S. Wanambwa

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Thriller at Augusta

Well we finally got what we’ve been asking for. The final round of the 2009 Masters featured the most anticipated pairing in golf, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. The entire media buzz about this storied rivalry was validated today by an amazing display of golf from both Mickelson and Woods.

Both Woods and Mickelson came out the gates a bit shaky spraying their tee shots on the first hole. However, they both managed to recover and get up and down for par. The front 9 featured an astounding display of shot making by Phil Mickelson who tied a Masters record by shooting a 6-under 30 on the outward nine. His first nine was punctuated by an amazing shot off of the pine straw on the 7th hole to a few feet for birdie.

If golf could have anything close to a heavyweight fight this was it. It was like the Thriller in Manila Ali and Frazier on the back nine at Augusta. I sat glued to my monitor watching every shot and wondering if one of these titan’s of golf would be able to pull off a come from behind win and walk away with a Green Jacket.

They played well and even though they both bogeyed the final hole after bad tee shots, they managed to satisfy the appetites of millions of golf fans who have been praying for this match up. Mickelson shot a 67 and Woods carded a 68 in the final round today. Both players entered the clubhouse at 9-under par and walked away from the 18th green realizing that their chances of winning this year's Masters tournament were all but over.

I was blessed to have witnessed this pairing. I can’t wait until they face each other down the stretch in another Major Championship. Today was golf at its finest and I can’t wait to see it again.

(images courtesy of Getty Images)
"Keep it in the short grass)
Edward S. Wanambwa

Monday, April 6, 2009

Where are the black golfers in professional golf?

Video Link:
Yesterday I did an interview with Bob Ley on ESPN’s Outside The Lines concerning Tiger Woods and the development of black golfers in professional golf. After the interview I received a wide range of responses. They ranged from praise to anger and frustration. So I decided to add an entry on my blog to clarify my position.

The simple fact is that the number of black golfers on the PGA and LPGA Tours had declined drastically over the past 40 years. Today Tiger Woods is the only black golfer on the PGA Tour and there are no black women on the LPGA tour at all. 40 years ago there we at least 15 black golfer on the professional circuit. So that begs the question where did the black golfers go and why hasn’t anyone followed Tiger?

As I stated in the interview, it’s an issue of access and resources. It takes money to play and stay out on tour, somewhere in the range of $100,000 a year for a player to compete on the professional level. Even the PGA Tour qualifying school costs $5,000 to enter. Furthermore, you won’t make it out on tour practicing and taking instruction at your local municipal golf course. Specialized training, instruction and equipment are essential for a golfer that is looking to get out on tour. So the argument of get some clubs practice and qualify is a bit short sighted.

I got several responses stating why are black golfers asking for a handout and that the tour lower their standards so they can play? I immediately asked myself what interview did these people watch? I don’t think anyone on the panel suggested that the PGA Tour lower their standards so that black golfers can play on tour. Nor did anyone suggest that black golfers receive any type of freebies or handouts. I simply stated the black golfers need resources and access. In other words, let in the room so I get the opportunity to compete. Help me get the tools I need to qualify. Then my clubs will have to do the talking.

For example, The Leadbetter Academy in Florida that produced Michelle Wie and Charles Howell III and other professional golfers has an elementary school, high school and college campus on site. The kids there go to school from 8 to 12 and then work with their swing coaches, Video analysis, physical trainers and mental coaches for the rest of the day, everyday. The are also backed by IMG and Callaway golf. So they play with the best equipment tailor made for them and they practice and play on the best golf courses. By the way if you want your child to attend the Leadbetter academy, it will set you back $1,700 a week. Not cheap. But that level of instruction is required to get out on tour.

Tiger Woods doesn’t owe black golfers anything. He is not obligated to help a single black player get out on tour. The only thing he is required to do is play golf be a good husband, father, golfer and be a positive role model. So far he has done a wonderful job in all of these areas. However, Tiger has a platform to affect change and if he decided to reach back all he has to do is make a phone call and he could really help some up and coming black golfer get the resources, training and access they need.
But again that has to be something Tiger chooses to do. He shouldn’t be and can’t be forced to do anything he doesn’t believe in. Tiger stated clearly that his foundation was not created to produce professional golfers. The Tiger Woods Foundation was created to produce good citizens and it seems to be working.

Let’s face it as long as Tiger is on tour this discussion will continue and the fact that neither Tiger nor PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem would speak publicly about this issue speaks volumes. Clearly it’s an issue the golf industry is reluctant to address or speak about.
I would love to see more faces like mine out on tour. It thinks it’s amazing that when I look at the President of the United States and he looks like me but when I watch a PGA Tour event, I don’t see anyone that looks like me unless Tiger is playing.
"Keep it in the short grass"
Edward S. Wanambwa

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