Thursday, December 10, 2009

RE: Is Tiger Woods and His “Affairs” our Affair?

As more details come out concerning Tiger Woods and his extramarital activities it appears that Tiger has been a very busy man both on and off the golf course. Tabloids, Gossip websites and even mainstream media oulets have an insatiable appetite for any and everything Tiger. A new alleged mistress seems to pop up everyday.

In typical Tiger fashion his camp as remained virtually silent by using his website as a vehicle to release generic and polished statements asking for privacy and respect. I didn’t really expect anything else from the one of the most elusive figures in all of sports. It’s no secret that Tiger’s most prized possession in this world is his privacy, just look at the name of his Yacht. He rented an entire island just to have wedding for Pete’s sake.

But now that his veil of privacy has been ripped wide open it will be very interesting to see how Tiger handles it. No matter how hard he tries to make this situation go away it only seems to grow larger and more lurid. In my opinion, Woods should just come clean, get it out in the open and show his human side. We all know he isn’t Superman despite that fact he looks like him on the golf course.

In my opinion, Tiger’s marital problems are just that, his problems. I realize that he is a public figure and we all want to know what really happened but he is also a married man who has to deal with his wife. Tiger and Elin Woods are a married couple that deserves a certain level of privacy and respect.

I have a feeling that as the days go on the media storm will intensify and the Woods household will have more than they can handle. But I urge everyone to remember “ IT’S NOT YOUR BUSINESS” not matter how much we want to know.

"Keep it in the short grass"
Edward S. Wanambwa

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