Thursday, December 17, 2009

RE: Never Thought I would Say It

I never thought the day would come when I would say that I wouldn’t want to be in Tiger Woods shoes. I kind of always wondered what it would be like to be like Tiger. He has all the money you ever wanted, all the talent in the world and the ability to command audiences all over the world. But as of late, Tiger Woods is not the person you want to be.

It seems like everyday Tigers losses a corporate sponsor and gains another mistress. He is poster boy for unfaithful men all over the world. It’s almost as his achievements on the golf course have been erased by is poor choices in the streets.

When it’s all said and done Tiger fall from grace has been a very long and painful one. The squeaky clean poster of sports has been exposed as philandering billionaire with multiple mistresses. Who woulda thunk it !

Here is the reality. The American public has short memory and whenit comes to our sports heroes we seems to have amnesia. As soon as Tiger steps back on the golf course and hoists a trophy all will be forgotten. All he needs to do is win and his indiscretions will fade into oblivion.

News Flash: Tiger is Human and this entire episode proves that we all make bad decisions no matter how squeaky clean we try and portray ourselves.

"keep it in the short grass"

Edward S. Wanambwa

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