Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tiger Woods: The 911 Call

Virtually every News outlet is flooding the airwaves with reports detailing or rather speculating about the events that occurred outside the Orlando home of golf and sports icon Tiger Woods.

Apparent Woods crashed his Luxury SUV into a tree after hitting a fire hydrant as he was leaving his home in the exclusive Windermere Subdivision in the early hours of November 27. He was transported to a local hospital, treated and later released. As you can imagine stories concerning the details of this event are all the rage and it seems as if you can’t turn on the television without hearing about Tiger Woods and his lack of driving skills.

Rumors and innuendos abound concerning the cause of this completely odd occurrence in the pristine and crystal clean universe that is Tiger Woods. After all the world’s most recognizable athlete hasn’t had as much as a jay walking ticket in his life. Well, that’s the image the Team Tiger sold us all and we eagerly bought into. Tiger Woods was the epitome of excellence. You didn’t hear about him fighting in bars, or shooting up strip clubs. He simply played golf, won major championships, ran his charitable foundation, made enormous amounts of money and took care of his family. What else could you ask for? Nike and IMG did a fantastic job of orchestrating and creating an image of Tiger as the ultimate athlete, pitchman, father and husband. But after the events of November 27, 2009, it appears that things are not as they seem.

However, before we all rush to judgment let’s resist the urge to speculate and jump to conclusions about what actually happened that morning. Obviously there is a storm brewing the Woods household and I am sure there is more to come.

"Keep it in the short grass"
Edward S. Wanambwa

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