Wednesday, May 6, 2009

TGX Golf Blog: Ed’s Golf Notes

Hello all these are golf notes for the week:

Is Tiger Slipping: Sean O’hair won last weeks Quail Hollow Championship in Charlotte. It was his 3rd career PGA Tour Victory and it also marked the 2nd tournament that Tiger Woods failed to close the deal in the final round. Naturally all the post round talk was about how Tiger might be slipping after his comeback. Many writers said that “Tiger Factor” was fading and that more tour players weren’t intimidated by Tiger’s presence on a Sunday. I couldn’t disagree more. There is some truth to the notion that if today’s younger players have nor fear of Tiger and when coming down the stretch on the Sunday they seem to play well regardless of who is in the hunt. However, the “Tiger factor” still exists and when Tiger plays again he is and will continue to be the favorite. Tiger just needs to make more putts!

Congratulations: Sean O’hair on his victory at the 2009 Quail Hollow Championship! After two 2nd place finishes he finally got the job done.

No More Stogies on the Links:
Golfers all over the nation are fuming about the efforts of cities nationwide to ban smoking on public golf courses. I am sure you can imagine the uproar by duffers across the country as non-smoking advocates fight to extinguish their cigars. As golfer and a smoker I say enough is enough after all its A GOLF COURSE not a confined space. How can cigar smoke bother you outside! Give me a break! I am still gonna spark one up and play away. Here is a link to the Smoking Ban article:

"Keep it in the short grass"
Edward S. Wanambwa

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