Wednesday, September 7, 2011

GolfWiz Blog Product Review: Adidas 360 ATV Golf Shoes

Adidas 360 ATV Rating: Five Stars *****

I played 5 rounds of golf wearing the Adidas Tour 360 ATV Golf Shoes and It was Wonderful. I already own 2 pair of Adidas golf shoes that I am very happy with, but the 360 ATV model takes comfort and playability to a new level.

These shoes hugged my feet and surrounded them with a tight but comfortable fit. I found them stable and the 10 spike configuration offered superb grip and balance during my swing. I could just walk around on and off the course in these shoes.

The 360's All Terrain Versatility (ATV) technology is clearly the largest improvement on the current Tour 360 Line. I didn't think Adidas could improve on the Tour 360 line of golf shoes, but the 360 ATV is clearly the best golf shoe on the market.

Adidas 360 ATV Features:

•2 year waterproof warranty
•Advanced THINTech technology for increased stability

•Soft Full-grain leather upper provides outstanding waterproof protection

•FitFoam's molded PU composition contours the foot, promoting greater lateral stability and a perfect fit every time

•ClimaProof technology delivers 100% waterproof protection

•360WRAP technology locks in and supports the foot for a secure fit

•10-Spike configuration

Edward Wanambwa
GolfWiz Blog

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  1. As far as going up a steep hill- you will need to maintain enough speed to make the climb, but not enough to throw you out of control. Put your ATV in the appropriate gear and climb the hill while making sure your body weight is as far forward as possible just as long as you don't lose safe contact with your foot and hand controls. I would lean opposite of the direction you are turning with key here to not lose momentum!