Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tiger Woods And His Actions At The 2012 Masters

In follow-up to the Masters golf tournament was my appearance on ESPN Outside The Lines (April 9, 2012 at 3:00 EST). I received lots of feedback. It's always good to hear the thoughts and opinions of others.

One Viewer emailed me to say: “So are you going to just defend Tiger no matter how immature he acts? Seems pretty racist to me. Bet if he wasn't African American you'd agree with everyone else who thinks he's a disgrace now.”

My response: Calling Tiger a "disgrace" is a bit too much in my opinion. His actions were not in the spirit and tradition of the game and he should have been able to maintain his composure regardless of how he was playing. But he didn't and he deserves to be chastised and called on it.
But what I feel is disgraceful is the double standard some fans have with Tiger Woods. They love the fiery competitive attitude and energy he brings to the game, but they criticize any and every slip-up or mistake he makes.
Let's not forget who makes the needle move in the world of golf. Like it or not, Tiger Woods is the face of professional golf regardless of how he is playing. Four shots ahead, or seven shots back, the cameras and fans want to watch Tiger play. He makes money for everyone in the game.

Due to the fact that he is so popular the cameras and microphones are always on him and they seem to capture his every move: good and bad. I am 100% sure that if other touring pros had the same exposure you would see some slammed clubs and hear some off-color comments when they hit poor shots too. But who cares about the guys who aren't in contention?

Henrik Stenson slammed his club and dropped a few choice words during the Masters this year after hitting a poor shot on the 18th hole Friday, but where is the article about him being a disgrace to the game? I guess when the Henrik Stenson 2013 golf game is released we might read something about that incident. But hold on; He doesn't have a video game named after him.

Your comment about me being a racist is almost laughable. I write and say what I believe in my heart and regardless of the color of the person I am commenting on. I keep it as real as possible. You, if you think I have this undying devotion to Tiger because I am Black, remember Tiger refused to say he was Black, and not everyone in the Black community loves him. I realize that may come as a shock to you. But, yes, some Black people don't like Tiger Woods.

When you use the word disgrace remember players like Tommy Bolt—the famous club thrower— and John Daly who not only disgraced the game but himself, countless times on and off the course. I work with words and I choose them wisely. If Tiger Woods is such a disgrace to the game, do us all a favor and don't watch him play anymore.

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Edward S. Wanambwa

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