Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Has anyone Seen Tiger Woods?

To all the people on my email list, ENOUGH WITH THE TIGER WOODS JOKES! I have probably deleted them anyway. I know every story has its news cycle but I ma jus tired of hearing rumor after rumor about the whereabouts of Tiger Woods.

I heard he was in South Africa at Oprah’s House, or maybe in South Florida hiding out with mistress # 1 or maybe he was in New York City laying low at the trump Towers. Maybe Tiger has gone to Nepal to visit the Dalai Lama and find tranquility and peace. Who cares!! I know one place Tiger isn’t and that’s on the golf course.

The game needs him to comeback and I am sure the PGA Tour and Television networks have search parties out looking for the biggest name in golf and not to mention the largest revenue producer on tour.

This Tiger Woods Controversy might have a bit of a lasting backlash in that I am interested to see what kind of ‘MEDIA” types arrive at Tiger’s much hailed return wherever that may be. Is TMZ going to hire a golf writer to follow Mr. Woods? It will be interesting to see. I am sure the media folks at the PGA Tour don’t this turn into a media circus with paparazzi running around course trying to get that shot for the National Enquirer.

Personally, I just want this thing to be over. Yes Tiger proved that he was human and not and not such a smart one when it comes to his game off the course. But despite his missteps he the # 1 name in the game and golf needs him The PGA Tour needs him. The fans need him and more important I need him back so I can stop getting Tiger Woods joke emails.

Edward S. Wanambwa

'Keep it in the short grass"


  1. I could not agree with you more! ENOUGH OF THIS ALREADY! You know the man was good at the job..yes I said job..because he got paid for it, just like the Senators, and past Presidents that have been in this same type of scandal. Let's get back to the game at hand...G O L F, let's cheer him there and leave his personal business to him. (CJH)

  2. CJH,

    Thanks for the feedback you hit the nail on the head !!