Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CSI Golf Introduces New Line of BMR² Putters

BMR² Putters: For Photos and more information visit:

BMR²- Putter, Standard Features & Benefits:

303 Stainless Steel Construction
2.5D Face Balanced Loft - eliminates Forward Press wrist hinge adjustment - Required to De-Loft putter face, prior to stroke impact.

BMR²- Putter, Exclusive Features & Benefits:

Diamond Impact Zone™ for a Polymer Soft Feel with the Control of Steel, producing a True Roll, keep your putts on line, eliminating the trampoline affect that causes ball skipping.
I.M.D.C.™ Perimeter Weighting produces HMOI / LCOG (High Moment of Inertia / Low Center of Gravity) for smooth, balanced stroke transition fromtake-away thru impact.
One or Two Ball, P.T.T. (Putting Tempo Tuning) Technology™, Gradu-Weighted Training Ball System Promotes development of a Pure Pendulum Putting stroke, by manipulating the Large Muscles of the upper torso, intuitively causing the mind and body to work in harmony.
T.P.P. (Triangle of Putting Plains) Training Technique™ - assist golfers with Proper putting posture setup.

Putter for Life Program™ CSI Golf is going Green on the Greens withJunior Golf, re-shaft and fitting option every 2 -3 years as golfer develops.

BMR²- Putter Benefits:
Practice to Play™ functionality, combines Tour Quality Performance with, the
Most Effective Putting Training Aid available in the golf industry today.
USGA / R & A Compliant for tournament play under the Rule of Golf.
Designed to help golfers of every skill level, Develop, Improve or Perfect the mechanics and tempo of a consistent tuned putting stroke.

CSI Golf's PTT Technology has the endorsement of "Debbie O'Connell" a 2010 Golf Digest Top 50 LPGA Women's Teaching Prof's for our PTT Technology, Gradu-Weighted Training Ball System. This putting training aid system is being called the Best, Most Effective Putting Training Aid in the game.
Golfer of every skill level, who are serious about Improving their Putting Performance and Overall Game, needs to be practicing with CSI Golf's PTT Technology, Gradu-Weighted Training Ball Putting Performance System
"More Than A Training Aid System, It's Your Personal Putting Instructor"

About CSI Golf:

CSI Golf a division of C S Innovation, LLC established in June of 2004 by Craig L. Stingley to address the need for convenient methods of improving the putting stroke for golfers of every skill level with our exclusive P.T.T. Technology (Putting Tempo Tuning) our built-in putting training aid.

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