Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Let's Just Talk About Golf

Now that Tiger Woods has spoken to the media and taken some very pointed questions, I would hope that we can now simply concentrate on golf and not what Tiger Woods does in his personal life.

I was truly moved by Tigers demeanor and candor yesterday and I am sure that he is remorseful and dedicated to becoming a better man, father and husband. I hope that Tiger and family are able to find healing after all of this controversy.

I like majority the of the golfing community just wants to see what Tigers game is like after this long layoff. Will he contend this week at the Masters? Can he overcome his personal challenges and claim his 15th major and his 5th green jacket? Only time will tell and for Tiger’s sake and for the health of the game, I hope Tiger has a great week and that the 2010 Masters provides enjoyment for everyone.

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  1. Yeah, now we talking. Let's all get back to golf!



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