Monday, April 5, 2010

Tiger Woods Hello World Part II

Today Tiger Woods faced the golf media for the first time since his infamous car accident in November of 2009. 200 members of the media packed the interview room at Augusta National Golf Club to hear what the worlds # 1 golfer had to say. Taking into account that Augusta National and The Masters Tournament is far from your normal golf event, the media was primed a ready to ask tough questions.

Tiger seemed to be very upbeat and confident during the press conference. He opened with a statement about the reception he got from the fans during his early morning practice round. “ Coming here today I didn’t know what to expect with regards to the reception. And I tell you the galleries couldn’t have been nicer” said Woods. He went on to say that we was that the warm reception touched his heart.

When asked about his stint in rehab and Woods simply said that he was in therapy and that he will continue to receive treatment for his issues. Woods was then pressed to answer what type of rehab he was in and he answered by saying “ That’s personal thank you” .

Tiger faced some very tough questions today and he answered them with what I felt were direct and honest answers. A few times during the interview he sounded a bit scripted but over all he came across and being very genuine and contrite. Tiger even asked the media to lay off his fellow players by not bombarding them with Tiger questions. He even apologized to the other players for making them endure endless questions about him over the past few months.

Only time will tell if Tiger’s return will be a successful one. From all indications the golf world is glad to see him back inside the ropes. Tiger says he will respect the game more and tone down his legendary outbursts. I just hope that he doesn’t lose the killer instinct and passion that made him the world’s best golfer and owner of 14 professional majors.

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  1. Though I was not there personally, it is great to hear that at least this interview seemed more real. I hope he is really on his way to a happier life and the media is on their way to another scandal somewhere else...
    I say, the best of wishes to you Tiger.



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