Friday, April 9, 2010

The Tee Shot Heard Around The World

(Image: Jamie Squire/ Getty Images)

Thursday’s opening round of the 2010 Masters Tournament marked the first time that Tiger Woods played a competitive round of golf in 144 days. His much anticipated return began with his tee shot on the 445 yard par 1st hole at Augusta National Golf Club. I stood about midway down the fairway and watched as he striped a beautiful drive right down the middle of the fairway. The tee box was absolutely surrounded by thousands of fans in crowds that were as many as 10 to 12 rows deep.

Tigers tee marked the beginning of a great round for the worlds # 1 golfer and a man who has been subjected the slings and arrows of the media as well as the public since his early morning car accident in Nov 2009 and the following revelations about his off the course liaisons. The Masters has proven to be a safe and controlled environment for Woods to make his return and even with all the security measure taken it didn’t prevent someone from renting a plane that towed a banner poking fun at Woods and his problems.

As I looked up and read the banner I was disgusted that someone would go to such lengths to make light of Tiger and what he has been through. I am sure that the Masters committee won’t allow that to happen again. When asked the plane and the banner after his round, Tiger simply replied “What plane? I didn’t even see it”.

Tiger struck the ball beautifully and if it were not for some missed putts and a few bad chip shot he could have easily been the tournament leased after the first round. Regardless of his missed opportunities Tiger shot a 4-under 68 and finds himself 2 shots of the lead going into round 2.

It was good so see him back on the course and playing well. He seemed to finally find his rhythm and settle into the round after making an incredible birdie at the 9th hole. Based on what I saw yesterday Tiger Woods is back and it appears the he will be in the contention come Sunday.

Edward Wanambwa

Senior Editor, African American Golfers Digest

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