Saturday, April 10, 2010

RE: Better Than A Green Jacket

photo: Ed Wanambwa

Every player in the Masters Tournament enters the Masters Tournament with one goal. They want to don a Green Jacket late on Sunday afternoon. The Green Jacket has become a symbol of excellence, achievement and tradition. However, there is another prized possession that many strive to attain here at the Masters. It’s the elusive Egg Salad Sandwich.

Every morning when I enter the media center, I put my laptop down and make a b line to the cafeteria. In the cooler you will find all types of sandwiches. From the tasty Masters Club to the delicious Chicken Sandwich, but no sandwich is more delectable than the Egg salad sandwich. Media center veterans know that if you snooze you loose. So if your one of the lucky people that get in the cafeteria when the Egg Salad sandwiches have just been put out, you better grab one or two because they go fast.

I am not sure what it is about this gem of the culinary world but after you have on it’s delicacy you have to keep having. I will miss the atmosphere and the people at Augusta National come Sunday night when it’s time to pack up and leave. But what I will really miss is getting my Egg Salad sandwich in the morning.

Ed Wanambwa

Senior Editor, African American Golfers Digest

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